Importance of the Car Battery

How important are car batteries such as at  There are tons of different parts on a car so how critical could the battery be? When considering the various car parts available for your car or truck it’s important to consider the battery.


You should think of your car’s battery as the “heart” of the vehicle. TI’s constantly pumping power to your car. Without the car battery/heart your vehicle wouldn’t have life.


Cold temperatures cause the car batteries to work overtime in order to hold the same amount of heat and energy. That’s why cars often stall in cold weather after they’ve been in freezing weather for a couple days. In fact the situation might be so bad that you’ll have to buy a new battery. In that situation it’s important to purchase your battery from the “right” location.


It’s important to know some of the basics about how the battery works. The unit is charged thanks to the work of the alternator. That’s device that converts the engine’s mechanical energy into electrical energy.


That energy is then utilized to cause reactions in the electrolyte of the battery. That usually is made up of lead-oxide plates that are contained in the sulfuric acid/water blend.


Then when the battery is being used, the sulfuric acid then forms a reaction with the lead-oxide plates. The result is the creation of lead sulfate.


Re-charging the car/truck battery is an important process for the battery. The process requires the reversing of this reaction. That permits the storage of energy in a chemical way.


The vehicle’s battery powers the ca/truck during ignition. It gives energy for the car’s lighting system. In the case of gas engines, it also ignites the vehicle’s fuel, such as gas. Although diesel engines can operate without batteries but gas engines can’t.


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