How do views affect your YouTube videos?

The view count for your YouTube videos is very important. It is the measure for which how popular or successful your YouTube video is. And there are many things that a high YouTube video view can do for your videos. Here are a number of things that a high view count can affect your video.

Makes it easier to discover

Your video becomes easier to find if it has a high video view count. If it only has a low video view count number, then it will be buried underneath other videos.


Makes your channel become more popular

Would you like more subscribers? Do you want your channel to become more popular? Then you should have a high view count if you want to achieve those things. More video views will mean that your channel will become more popular on YouTube.


Makes your video become viral

The measure for viral videos is how many views it has gained. So if you want your video content to go viral, you must have a lot of views. Many viral videos have got millions of views alone.


Makes your video more shared by people

If you want your video to be shared by many people, then you will have to have a high view count. The higher your view count, the more likely people will share a link to your YouTube video.


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