Common Types of Table Saws

Are you in the market for a table saw? If so then you should make sure to read some table saw reviews. This will help to ensure you get the right model for your needs. There are various types but here are some of the most common ones:


  1. Contractor Table Saws

By definition, this type table saw is for contractors who have to move their saws. While the type of table saw offers some portability, while including many of the features of full-size table saws. In fact, many tables saw owners say that contractor table saws include the perfect blend of full-size and portable models.


  1. Hybrid Table Saws

This type of saw is a wildcard type of table saw. It’s less known than other types of table saws. However, it could be the right kind of saw you need for cutting wood. This kind of saw is the good option if you’re searching or a table saw whose power and price are somewhere between the cabinet table saws and contract table saws.


  1. Portable Table Saw

As the name suggests this type of table saw can be moved easily from one site to another site. This is convenient if you need to use a table saw at different job sites. The unit is designed to be maneuvered easily. It’s just a matter of moving the entire kit from Point A to Point B.


  1. Cabinet Table Saws

Do you want to get the most power from your table saw without sacrificing precision? If so then you should consider cabinet table saws. This is somewhat of a “traditional” table saw. In fact, this is the type of table saw that many contractors use in their day-to-day work.


The problem is that there’s a lot sacrificed regarding portability.


You can find all these units in a table saw reviews.