What Is Blue Waffle Diseases All About?


You’ve must have heard it before, the word Blue Waffle Disease has become well-known, but no known cure, the sexual transmitted disease that you only find it in women, and on rare occasions men. This disease is not a pleasant sight to look at, especially to women. They are uncomfortable and annoying, especially when they started to smell bad and people will likely to notice it, so people are trying to learn if there’s any way for this disease to be treated?

The  Blue Waffle Disease is a new disease that has been introduced for some time now, what information that the medical experts have gathered are limited at best the only thing that you can detect from this disease from all the other type of disease is the symptoms that stood out from the rest. To women who suffered this type of condition, you must look out for the signs. If you captured the signs early then it could be prevented immediately.

The signs follow:

  •    Burning sensation.
  •    Severe itchiness.
  •    Discoloration of the vagina, mostly like the color will turn bluish-purple.
  •    The color of the discharge will be blue.
  •    An awful smell emitting from the vagina that is so strong people will notice.

It can be the uncomfortable and annoying experience to have suffered this type of condition. To avoid this scenario as possible you must always have protective sex, but if you cannot avoid it, then the best way to deal with it is to have a medical expert to check up on you and your condition and try to treat it despite no cure for it. After all, this is still a sexually transmitted disease; there will always be another way to have it cured permanently but since this a discovery and there’s no known cure as of yet, then you have to deal the medical treatment as of now.